Silverlight Image Error 4001

Oct 12, 2012 at 9:36 PM

Good Day,

First let me say that this is a great webpart! I had been searching for something to do a pretty and simple slideshow on our Sharepoint site and this was perfect!

I have run into one issue though. Randomly for some users and all the time for 1 user, we see an error 4001 when the page that contains the slideshow is loading. The complete error shows up in a pop-up window stating:

Silverlight error message
ErrorCode: 4001
ErrorType: ImageError
Message: 4001 An error has occurred.

At the same time the actual silverlight slideshow webpart says:

Slideshow settings not valid. XML document must have a top level element.

If anyone can shed some light on this that would be fantastic! I have been troubleshooting this for the 1 user who gets the error all the time . As mentioned above, this is not a constant error and most users can enjoy the slideshow error free! The Photo Library that I am pointing the webpart to is a library with subfolders if that matters. I have also ensured that there are no unsupported file types in the library. I have also tried disabling browser caching for the site (both using IE settings and IIS options).